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Bioavailability optimization systems to significantly increase the absorption of active ingredients and deliver sophisticated nutritional supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Starting from a research project in cooperation with the University of Hamburg, TINY Technologies now develops delivery systems, tackling one of the most prominent challenges of today’s health and pharmaceutical products, their insufficient bioavailability. Building on our expertise in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology, we further developed existing drug delivery systems to be fully bio-based and highly stable.

With our advanced nano-carriers we provide our customers with a competitive edge, giving them highly efficient products with outstanding USPs like:

  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • Fast onset of action
  • Longer lasting effects
  • Lower risk of side effects

TINY Technologies is composed of dedicated and experienced scientists and economists. We strive to become the leading platform for delivery systems and invite customers and partners to be part of this journey.



Dr. Tobias Meller

CEO of TINY Technologies GmbH


M: +49 (0) 17681975291


Dr. Sung Min Pyo

CTO of TINY Technologies GmbH


M: + 49 (0) 15678446222



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